Wireless stuck on validating identity

It makes it way towards you and then leans down till it is right in front of your face and while this is happening you can not move at all, when it gets to your face it will all of a sudden disappear and we feel this pressure on your chest very heavy almost like it is sitting on you, then it starts to choke you, it is like its inside you somewhat and takes your breath away and just as you feel like you can not breath anymore and like your life is taken from you, we wake up and gasp for air and then the dream is over and your fully awake.

There is also the other thing that happens that my sister has only had it happen twice to her and the first time she had it was a day after I did like a year ago when she was sleeping over in my bedroom with me on a mattress on the floor.

In this dream you think you are awake and u see a shadow figure in the room that you can not see any features but it has male persence.

my heart was beating so bad i felt like demons was trying to posses me i don't know but damn it! I'm gonna have to deal with it anyways but it helps a lot that people has the same problem.

i should also note i have sleeping problems where i sleep so late at night cause i feel so paranoid, i just feel like a presence in the room at night every time i try to go to sleep and with these experiences it doesn't help!

It has been 13 years since, and I still have similar episodes.